Competitive Math - Cleo Borac

Cleo Borac is a competitive math coach with many years of experience in the Bay Area. She currently has classes online, through her website She is the creator of, a math resource site with over 130 lecture notes and more than 400 original problems with full solutions. In cooperation with her husband, Silviu, an international olympiad medalist, she has recently published a series of workbooks - Competitive Mathematics for Gifted Students - that are designed for mathematically talented students who want to build a sound mathematical foundation by working consistently each year. Cleo brings a vast amount of experience teaching today's students to the classroom. Many of her students have qualified for AIME, USAJMO, USAMO, and have obtained national level medals at the USAMTS, TAIMC, or BAMO. As a result, many have been admitted to MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard.

Cleo was born and educated in Romania, where she obtained a master's degree in applied physics (summa cum laude) from the University of Bucharest. She worked as an experimental physicist until she moved to Berlin, where she worked on computer applications for the SFB "Differential Geometry and Quantum Mechanics" at the Technical University of Berlin. She obtained the Grosse Sprachdiplom from the University of München. She continued to work as a software engineer in Germany and Canada where she co-owned Eigenval Research Inc., a small software company that specialized in geometric modeling using multi-resolution surfaces. Having homeschooled her children, who obtained top placements at the national level of math, computer, and physics competitions and who were admitted to Cornell, UCLA, UWashington, she decided to continue to help students pursue high level goals in mathematics and science. She completed a California math teaching credential and started a private coaching service which later became Goods of the Mind, LLC. At GOTM, Cleo helped create a proprietary virtual classroom which is tailored to provide fast, smooth interaction for an optimal learning experience. Whether online or in-person, Cleo has taught many of the most talented Bay Area students. Each year, from her small studio of 10-12 high school students there are 2-3 USA (J)MO qualifiers! Most of her high school students have qualified for AIME. Having tutored students for SAT II Chemistry for a number of years, Cleo started to coach a team for the middle school Science Bowl last year. In its first year, her team scored equally or better than JLS, Challenger Sunnyvale, St. Andrews, etc. Cleo has been the California State Director of the Math Kangaroo contest from 2007 to 2013.