Silicon Valley Chinese Culture Youth Summer Camp Brief Information

-Learn and Experience the Many Art Forms of China

The “Silicon Valley Chinese Culture Youth Summer Camp” was started in 2002 with the purpose of bringing Chinese Arts and Culture closer to the youth in the Silicon Valley Area. The program is supported by Chinese National Overseas Community Development State Council, who provides the program with gifted and qualified teachers from China.  We believe it is important to help our children explore their rich Chinese culture.

After seven years of experience, our program has had the opportunity to become more refined and more accustomed to the needs of the youth of Silicon Valley. Our experience has helped us learn how to pick the best teachers and design the best programs to engage our children’s interests. We have learned and demonstrated how to optimize the best schedule and combination of interest courses to properly showcase and involve students in the many forms of Chinese culture and arts.

Our 8 courses are designed to engage students both mentally and physically through stimulating activities and interesting lectures.

1.“The Lion Dance and Dragon Dance”

Students will learn the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance along with its long history in Chinese Culture.

2. “Minority Fan Dance”

Students will learn how to use long fans as a dancing tool and learn about the history of the dance and its connections with Chinese history and culture.

3.“Chinese Yo-Yo”

Students will learn how to operate the Chinese Yo-Yo. Students will also learn about its structure and how to produce the bamboo whistling sound with the correct techniques.

4.“Painted Silk Fans”

Students will learn how to make and paint their nature scene on silk fans with traditional Chinese Ink Painting.

5.“Chinese Wood Cut Prints”Students will learn how to express famous Chinese proverbs or stories as a scene on a wood cut print. Students will go through the whole process of designing, cutting, and printing their woodcuts.

6.“Chinese Clay Figurines”

Students will be able to make their own Chinese Clay Figurines. They will also be able to fire their figurine and add color.

7.“Chinese Traditional Drama”

Students will learn how to engage and act as parts of traditional folk dramas. Students will learn how to properly vocalize and act out parts.

8.“Show Host”
Students will learn how to announce programs and learn how to present themselves on stage in front of an audience. This is intended as an exercise in self presentation.

Affiliated Group(s):    

Chinese Overseas Culture Committee,

American-Chinese Youth Cultural Exchange Center,

MorningLight Chinese School, Long River Chinese School, Long River Chinese School

Location(s):      San Jose: 2650 Aborn Road, San Jose, CA 95121

Fremont:  Gomes Elementary School, 555 Lemos Ave, Fremont, CA 94539

Session Time:  


Program: 8:30A.M.-4:30P.M.

Extended Day Care:  4:30P.M.-6:30P.M.
Deadline:          May 18th, 2010 is the last day to enroll.

(1) $450  6/15-6/26; M-F ; 8:30A.M.-4:30P.M.

(2) $250  6/15-6/19 or 6/22-6/26 ; M-F ; 8:30A.M.-4:30P.M.

(3) Extended Day Care 4:30P.M.-6:30P.M. add $5/day

Person:  Shirley Lin                

Telephone:  408-406-7481

Address:  MorningLight Education Group Inc., / MorningLight Chinese School

2932 Aborn Square Rd, San Jose, CA 95121